Introducing Abbott Audio!

Abbott Academy open for business brought to you by Geoffrey Abbott

I am proud to introduce our state of the art Academy ready to Educate and Support the Audio Visual and Networking Industry. I am looking forward to visiting my friends at ISE as it has been too long.

I have been in the industry for 30 years working internationally with Extron and Crestron. I am grateful to both as they are industry leaders and were great mentors. It was amazing as a young man, getting to know and build meaningful relationships with many of the most influential people in the industry. I learned so much from everyone during my time with those companies and want to send a special thank you to Gary Kayye, Andrew Edwards, George and Dan Feldstein and Randy Klein. They all trusted me with more than I probably deserved in my young years and am eternally grateful for those opportunities.

I am looking forward to talking to all the Manufacturers, ISE, AVIXA and CEDIA next week at ISE to discuss how we can assist the training and support of our industry. Looking forward to having a good beer with some old friends as well.