Daktronics became new official Real Madrid sponsor from 2022 April


Daktronics desined, manufactured and installed the video screen system which is  over 3,700 square meters surrounding the score board and the field at the Real Madrid home stadium – Santiago Bernabeu.  
This video screen system plays important roles not only during the soccer games, but also in many other events held at the stadium!

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I’ve been to a Real Madrid game back in 1999 – although it was not at the Santiago Bernabeu, it was at San Siro in Milan…    Did you notice that the Real Madrid director of the public relations in the photo of this article, is that famious Emilio Butragueno Santos! 
If you were into European Football back in the 

80’s, you would definitely notice him, as he used to be mentioned as the player to be the next Platini No.1 in Europe!

I was personally so happy to see him after a long time, still actively playing his role in the football industory!

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