Digital Signage – Protect Displays from enviroment

I did “big clean” ‐ Japan’s year-end cleaning is tradition.

Even if you plan to clean periodically, dusts will accumulate before you know it.

Japanese summer is said to be hot and humid.

Moisture-absorbed dust may accumulate inside the device through the air intake and exhaust ports. Even in winter time, we humidify indoors to protect our body from dryness.

Those dusts can be a cause of equipment failure, safety concern.

Selecting products that have been devised to protect them from such environments is also as important as periodical maintenance.

Daktronics indoor signage uses coating technology to protect products from such environments.

Coating is basically done by spraying a liquid coating agent by machine or by hand.

The challenge is to apply evenly and thoroughly to the uneven interior of the machine.

Vapor deposition, on the other hand, is a technology that evaporates and adheres substances.

Since it can be applied evenly to uneven surfaces and edges, it is also used in the manufacture of IC chips.

Daktronics indoor signage uses such a coating technology to protect equipment from damage.

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