Bluetooth Audio

We have been getting requests from customers that they want to “use Bluetooth audio for BGM in the rental space.

When we hear “Bluetooth”, what comes to our mind first is a Bluetooth speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker is easy to install, as it is reasonably priced and easy to move around.

Although our spaces are equipped with high-quality DSP mixers and audio devices, so we can just use a Bluetooth receiver to play BGM in the rooms you want.

Although a Bluetooth receiver needs to be placed near the DSP mixer for cabling reasons. Otherwise the Bluetooth connection will be weak in the rooms that are away from the DSP mixer.

To solve that problem of Bluetooth connection, we can use a technology called Dante” that transmits audio data using LAN instead of using audio cables.

Our DSP mixer at Abbott Academy has Dante function. So we can use a Bluetooth receiver which is compatible with Dante, and connect the receiver to the LAN for Dante in each room, so we can play the BGM in those rooms without worrying about the Bluetooth connection being weak.

Bluetooth receiver

Dante compatible Bluetooth receiver